News from the topic - „WUF11”
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A studio in Dzierżoniów broadcast the final online seminar preparing Polish cities and towns for the 11th edition of the World Urban Forum. Sustainable Development Goals were discussed.
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URBAN RESOURCES were the chosen theme for this Local Development Forum seminar. This was the fourth meeting organised by the Association of Polish Cities in anticipation of the World Urban Forum to be shortly held in Katowice.
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Financing urban development in unstable times was the chosen theme of a yet another Local Development Forum online seminar organised as part of a series to prepare our cities and towns for participation in the World Urban Forum in Katowice this June.
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The 11th Edition of the World Urban Forum will be held in Katowice from June 26 until June 30 2022. The World Urban Forum (WUF11) is the premier global event with a focus on urban policy and sustainable urbanisation, introduced by UN-Habitat.
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The Association of Polish Cities invites all interested parties to join the second online seminar forming part of the Local Development Forum round of meetings organised to help Polish cities and towns get ready for WUF edition in Katowice.
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In view of the war in Ukraine and Polish cities’ commitment to aiding refugees, dates and places of some of the springtime seminars preparing Polish cities for the World Urban Forum have been modified.
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“We want the voice of Poland as the host country of the World Urban Forum (WUF) to include the experience of Polish cities and towns,” said vice-minister Małgorzata Jarosińska-Jedynak during a Local Development Forum seminar.
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The Association of Polish Cities is initiating a new series of Local Development Forum seminars with a focus on preparing Polish cities and towns for attending in the World Urban Forum, organised in Poland for the first time.