News from Local Development Programme
We hereby wish to invite cities, towns and urban-and-rural municipalities to join our “Local Government Management Leader” Competition, “Open Governance” the chosen pivotal theme. We intend to recognise empathetic, open local governments, communicati
Representatives of local governments from across Poland met in Konin on 20 and 21 October to identify essential activities producing a “Civic City”. This was the second meeting of the EMPIRIAE – Civic Cities and Towns Experience Exchange Network.
A special Local Development Forum seminar with a pivotal strategic theme of energy transformation in Polish cities and towns was held. This was the first of a series of meetings exploring the subject, planned by the Association of Polish Cities over
Zawiercie hosted the meeting on 19 and 20 September 2022, welcoming representatives of Cieszyn, Jarosław, Jasło, Jelenia Góra, Żary and Żywiec. The EMPIRIAE – URBAN HUMAN RESOURCES / STAFFING Network has also been joined by Nisko and Zgierz.
The second meeting of the EMPIRIAE – ACCESSIBLE AND FAIR CITIES AND TOWNS Experience Exchange Network was organised in Sokołów Podlaski on 6 and 7 October, with a pivotal focus on communication, information-related and spatial accessibility.
The successive EMPIRIAE – GREEN CITIES AND TOWNS Experience Exchange Network meeting was held in Hajnówka on 10-12 October.
The second Experience Exchange Network meeting for LEADERS of cities and towns participating in the “Local Development” Programme was organised in Starachowice on 5-6 October.
The second Network meeting was organised in Zgierz on 15 and 16 September, this time with a focus on “Drafting the 2023 Budget – Will Joint Efforts Bring Us Closer to the Goal?”
Over the period of 28-30.09, the delegation from the town of Rydułtowy participated in a study visit to the Øvre Eiker partner municipality, as part of the “In Szarlota’s Shadow…” project delivered under the “Local Development” Programme umbrella.
A delegation from the town of Starachowice attended a study visit to Bergen, Norway on September 24th-29th 2022, as part of the project “Direction Future – Starachowice Local Development Plan”.
The second meeting of representatives of cities and towns – members of the “Digital Cities and Towns” Experience Exchange Network was organised on 13 and 14 September. This time, the EMPIRIAE made their way to Zabrze.
Deputy mayor of the Norwegian municipality of Sunnfjord Anne Lilleaasen signed a Partnership Agreement with mayor of Opoczno Dariusz Kosno on 4 October, the two municipalities thus becoming “Local Development” Programme partners.
The ENTREPRENEURIAL CITIES AND TOWNS Network convention focused on local products, and on working with local businesses to develop tourism in town.
An Autumn Networking Workshop for 29 victorious cities and towns participating in the “Local Development” Programme, their urban teams, and Association of Polish Cities advisors were held in Warsaw on 26 and 27 September, with a focus on task deliver
A kick-off conference for the project “Jasło – My Town, My Home” was held in the GEN Education Generator lecture hall on 20 September. The project comprises 18 activities, their value totalling PLN 15.3 million.
Revitalisation, quality of life, lookouts for the future: life in small and medium-sized towns was discussed during the “Beyond the Metropolis” conference organised in Pleszew, representatives of cities and towns from across Poland participating.
Final summer break days in Jarosław were amazingly colourful, owing to an extraordinarily vibrant event – the Jarosław Fair, this year’s edition attended by a delegation of the Norwegian Nordre Follo kommunne (municipality).
An opening meeting of the EMPIRIAE – URBAN HUMAN RESOURCES / STAFFING Experience Exchange Network was organised in Cieszyn on 7 and 8 June, the group focusing on issues associated with broadly defined urban human resources.
A conference marking the commencement of the project “Local Development in Hrubieszów – Participation to Delivery” was held on 19.07. The project includes improvements to local quality of life and greater municipal administration structure efficiency
An opening meeting of representatives of member cities and towns of the EMPIRIAE – URBAN RESOURCES / FINANCES thematic network was organised on 13 and 14 June in Włocławek as the host city.
Panels organised on 29 June at the Cities’ and Towns’ Stand during the World Urban Forum were dominated by themes associated with green and ecological cities. We also discussed thermal waste processing.