Strategic Orientation in Urban Entrepreneurship
Cities and towns working as part of the “EMPIRIAE” Experience Exchange Network – ENTREPRENEURIAL CITIES AND TOWNS visited Hrubieszów on March 7th and 8th.

Given the town’s unique location, meeting attendants chose “Strategic Orientation in Urban Entrepreneurship” as their focus.

Day one began with a visit to the Hrubieszów Heritage Centre to showcase the importance of local cultural and historical heritage to building the town’s identity while attracting tourists and investors. It further proved how important heritage preservation is, especially when linked with economic growth stimulation.

The Sulewski Brewery was the next stop designed to display a successful local business, skilled at blending traditional brewing craft with state-of-the-art production practices.

Meeting participants visited the broad-gauge steelworks line terminal, exploring its significance to distribution and logistics. A presentation of the terminal pointed to the capacity of key transportation infrastructure components in supporting local economic development, by facilitating access to domestic and international markets.

Day two agenda focused on technological and educational innovation. A visit to the ConceptLab robotics studio at Primary School No. 3 in Hrubieszów was organised to show space young people can use for purposes of designing and delivering creative notions. The studio organises programming and design classes alongside introductions to the creative world of building blocks, and introductions to Internet of Things and Internet of Everything concepts.

The agenda closed with a visit to the Creative Centre of Economic Education and Co-operation and a discussion regarding the importance of knowledge, innovation and new business models in building the economy; particular attention was paid to the need to support entrepreneurship at every stage of development.

The two-day “EMPIRIAE” meeting was immediately preceded (on March 6th) with a conference summarising the “Local Development of Hrubieszów – Participation to Delivery” project. The conference was actively attended by representatives of the “EMPIRIAE” Experience Exchange Network – ENTREPRENEURIAL CITIES AND TOWNS. Association of Polish Cities advisor Adam Mikołajczyk spoke of the importance of local entrepreneurship to urban development. The conference agenda included a discussion panel moderated by advisors Kamil Niklewicz and Marek Gabzdyl, joined by representatives of the towns of Nisko (Krzysztof Haliniak) and Biłgoraj (Dariusz Szozda), and local business people. The discussion yielded multiple guidelines regarding ways of developing a business-friendly ecosystem, all of potential significance to local governments.