News from the topic - „Local Development Programme”
On 24 August, the town received Ryszard Grobelny, strategic advisor to the Association of Polish Cities, consultant of plans to develop housing in a post-industrial area governed by Mine Restructuring Company (SRK) Bytom.
The local amphitheatre, a footbridge over Canal Ulgi, e-services for local residents – those are but a few of the purposes Konin will be spending Norway Grant money on, the city having received around PLN 16 million.
The Board of the Association of Polish Cities, while in session in Mielec, appraised the form and progress of the selection procedure, and the manner of proclaiming results.
We already know the names of victorious cities and towns – recipients of funding from the “Local Development” Programme financed from the Norwegian and European Economic Area Financial Mechanisms.
“Information concerning the selection of Complete Project Proposals – funding recipients under the “LOCAL DEVELOPMENT” Programme”, Ranking List included, was published on the website on 9 July.
The Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy has “inaugurated the process of announcing” results of the “Local Development” Programme competition outcomes we have been expecting – as have cities and towns – for some time now.
To date, over 1,800 municipal authority officials have participated in assorted activities as part of the Association of Polish Cities’ advisory assistance provided under the “Local Development” Programme.
Two hundred and seventy workshops held, 1,700 advisory sessions organised, 12 tools implemented – these are but selected statistics summarising our activities as part of the second stage of the predefined project.