News from the topic - „Local Development Programme”
Guests from the North arrived in Rydułtowy as part of the town’s project of bilateral collaboration developed with the Norwegian municipality of Øvre Eiker. Improving natural environment quality was the pivotal theme of the study visit to Silesia.
An “Entrepreneurship as the Key Factor behind Urban Development” debate was held in the Science Generator GEN auditorium on 24 November. The town of Jasło is taking part in the “Local Development” Programme.
Deputy mayor of the Norwegian municipality of Sunnfjord Anne Lilleaasen signed a Partnership Agreement with mayor of Opoczno Dariusz Kosno on 4 October, the two municipalities thus becoming “Local Development” Programme partners.
An Autumn Networking Workshop for 29 victorious cities and towns participating in the “Local Development” Programme, their urban teams, and Association of Polish Cities advisors were held in Warsaw on 26 and 27 September, with a focus on task deliver
A kick-off conference for the project “Jasło – My Town, My Home” was held in the GEN Education Generator lecture hall on 20 September. The project comprises 18 activities, their value totalling PLN 15.3 million.
Final summer break days in Jarosław were amazingly colourful, owing to an extraordinarily vibrant event – the Jarosław Fair, this year’s edition attended by a delegation of the Norwegian Nordre Follo kommunne (municipality).
A conference marking the commencement of the project “Local Development in Hrubieszów – Participation to Delivery” was held on 19.07. The project includes improvements to local quality of life and greater municipal administration structure efficiency
On 5 June, a bilateral agreement was entered into with Norwegian partners, Møre og Romsdal and Zawiercie representative signatories including Kristian Severeide and Łukasz Konarski, respectively.
On 2 June , Rydułtowy gained a new Norwegian partner. Mayor of Rydułtowy Marcin Połomski and mayor of the Øvre Eiker Knut Kvale signed a partnership agreement.
Advisory and expert assistance, and consultation and training courses for purposes of delivering environmental social and economic projects – such are the outcomes of a partnership agreement entered into by and between Łomża and Nordland County.
Over EUR 3.3 million for Kędzierzyn-Koźle! The city will be delivering the project “’Dugnad’ in Kędzierzyn-Koźle. Local Resident Integration and Restoring Neighbourhood Relations as a Foundation for Local Development”.
The “Direction Future – the Starachowice Local Development Plan” project has officially begun. The Starachowice municipality will be partnering with Bergen, the second largest city in Norway.
Starachowice wishes to invite everyone concerned to the conference “ECO-Starachowice. Green Town – Green Education”.
Nearly 200 participants representing Polish municipalities taking part in the “Local Development” Programme and their Norwegian and Icelandic partners attended a conference organised by the Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy.
Opening meetings have been organised under the aegis of EMPIRIAE – Experience Exchange Networks, a new project of the APC with a focus on sharing know-how related to successful development projects delivered by Polish cities and towns.
In May, the mayor of Jarocin will meet with local residents to discuss the New Development Pathway for the Jarocin Festival during an open discussion panel, with a focus on the Festival’s future and local residents’ engagement.
Pursuant to the “Hajnówka ReNEWed – Green Transformation” project, Association of Polish Cities’ advisors have been supporting the municipality in the process of delivering assignments associated with Hajnówka’s new town centre, residential areas and
Currently under development by the Association of Polish Cities, EMPIRIAE – Experience Exchange Networks will serve the purpose of sharing know-how related to successful development projects delivered by Polish cities and towns.
Secondary school and university students have spoken out as part of a survey with a focus on the cultural and entertainment offer in Włocławek.
On 6 April, a conference was held in the Historical Room of the Zabrze Town Hall to commence “Zabrze – the City as Space for Development”, a project funded from the “Local Development” Programme.
Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski is launching its “City ReNEWal” programme – an enormous project, the consultation process having involved approximately 1,000 individuals.
An Academy of Nature will be established in Hajnówka, intended to offer local residents and tourists knowledge regarding the Białowieża Forest. The first project meeting was organised on 22 March.
The “City as Space for Development” Project Co-ordinating Team met in the Historical Room of the Zabrze Town Hall on 14 March 2022. The project has been awarded Norwegian Financial Mechanism funding.
An online meeting attended by the Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (KS), representatives of the Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy and the Zabrze Municipality was held in Zabrze on 18 February, to discuss closer