News from the topic - „Local Development Programme”
The agreement to deliver the project “WŁOCŁAWEK – A CITY OF NEW POSSIBILITIES. This is where I live, work, invest and rest” crowned eighteen months of work put in the local Włocławek community.
Negotiations with the Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy have come to a finale concerning the implementation scope for the “Developing Hrubieszów Locally – Participation to Delivery” project forming part of the “Local Development” P...
Municipalities and counties from the Jelenia Góra Agglomeration area are joining the effort to draft a shared Climate Change Adaptation Plan for the Jelenia Góra Agglomeration.
Rydułtowy, Zabrze and Żywiec are successive cities/towns lined up to receive EUR 3.5 million each from the “Local Development” Programme.
The “E-Ostrów 2050. A City of Ecology, Energy and Economy” project is picking up speed. The local government has approached the crucial 3rd stage (project delivery) with great precision.
Jarosław, Jasło, Krosno and Nisko will receive around PLN 15 million each for individual development plan implementation purposes.
During a conference on Friday, Starachowice kicked off the implementation of the “Direction Future – the Starachowice Local Development Plan” project. The city was awarded over PLN 16 million for its implementation.
On 9 December 2021, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy Waldemar Buda and Mayor of the City of Zgierz Przemysław Konrad Staniszewski signed the project delivery agreement.
Over the past two years, the local government of Przemyśl have been working to draft “Changing Przemyśl Together”, a programme of tremendous importance to the city. It was awarded PLN 15 million in funding from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.
On 26 November, the “OPOCZNO 2.0 – A NEW OPENING” conference was held – an opening event marking Opoczno municipality’s participation in delivering a Local Development project funded by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.
Minister of Development Funds and Regional Policy Grzegorz Puda signed a funding agreement for the “Live, Reside and Work in Jelenia Góra” project forming part of the “Local Development” Programme.
The city signed an agreement regarding delivery of the project “TOMASZÓW MAZOWIECKI - ARENA OF POSITIVE ENERGY: boosting social and economic cohesion, and improving the quality of Tomaszów Mazowiecki’s natural environment.”
A meeting with local residents was organised in Żary on 22 November in order to present outcomes of works completed, and plans for the upcoming years of the project “Żary, Here Is Where I want to Live!!!”
Żary, Jarocin and Konin were the first of all towns and cities to sign agreements for European Economic Area and Norway Financial Mechanism funding under the “Local Government” programme, related advisory services provided by the APC.
On 16 November, a conference was held to launch the project “In the shadow of Szarlota [1] ‒ how to bring out the potential of Rydułtowy town”, which received a Norwegian grant from the “Local Development” programme.
What are the current challenges and opportunities faced by urban mobility expansion, definitions of sustainable mobility, and why it is so important – such were the focal themes discussed during a Local Development Forum seminar.
What can we reasonably expect of the local government project funding system? – such was the focal discussion theme of the 23rdLocal Development Forum seminar held to discuss EU funding for the years 2021-2027 and the National Recovery Plan.
“Złotów – the Springs of Wielkopolska” is a vision shared by local residents and authorities, one that will soon come true thanks to Norway Grants.
On 24 August, the town received Ryszard Grobelny, strategic advisor to the Association of Polish Cities, consultant of plans to develop housing in a post-industrial area governed by Mine Restructuring Company (SRK) Bytom.
The local amphitheatre, a footbridge over Canal Ulgi, e-services for local residents – those are but a few of the purposes Konin will be spending Norway Grant money on, the city having received around PLN 16 million.
The Board of the Association of Polish Cities, while in session in Mielec, appraised the form and progress of the selection procedure, and the manner of proclaiming results.
We already know the names of victorious cities and towns – recipients of funding from the “Local Development” Programme financed from the Norwegian and European Economic Area Financial Mechanisms.
“Information concerning the selection of Complete Project Proposals – funding recipients under the “LOCAL DEVELOPMENT” Programme”, Ranking List included, was published on the website on 9 July.
The Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy has “inaugurated the process of announcing” results of the “Local Development” Programme competition outcomes we have been expecting – as have cities and towns – for some time now.