Przemyśl – Community Participation Strategy
In Przemyśl, works are underway to identify priority goals and overall activity directions for the Community Participation Strategy. A follow-up Final Report for a local resident opinion poll has been drafted already.
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A pilot version of the Community Participation Strategy is ready as well, the final post-consultation release to be published by November.

A local resident survey has been organised with intent to learn more about community participation-related opinions, and thus diagnose existent obstacles to community activities and study preferences regarding civic involvement and/or joining municipal decision-making processes.

Community research involved three techniques: online information collecting via a website questionnaire; street interviews, interviewers collecting information directly from survey participants (street surveys combined with a field consultation office); and telephone interview-based data collection.

A total of 404 complete questionnaires have been collected.

The Community Participation Strategy was launched in March 2023 with intent to design a framework for civic society development in Przemyśl, based on efficient methods and appropriate forms of communication. Once implemented, the Strategy shall improve local urban residents’ awareness of joint decision-making regarding local development and enhance Municipal Authority staff participation-related competencies.

The effort to design and implement the Community Participation Strategy forms part of the “Changing Przemyśl Together” backed by external funding (85% from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism for the Years 2014-2021 and 15% from the state budget) as part of the “Local Development” Programme.