Jarosław – a Town Choosing the Path of “Illumination”
As a key component of expressing reputation and competitive identity, a town’s brand extends beyond its logo and slogan.

If well-designed, it spikes the interest of businesses and tourists alike, contributing to local residents’ attachment to and pride associated with their “small homeland”.

What is the town of Jarosław associated with, what images and emotions does it trigger? What is the vision behind Jarosław’s municipal brand, what kind of identity should it stand for and what emotions should it evoke? How should social media be used for municipal communication to be truly legible and interesting, offer valuable content, and efficiently reach anyone concerned?

Municipal Authority and municipal unit staff attempted to answer all aforementioned questions during an autumn workshop titled “Jarosław – a Town of Illuminations: Brand Identity Design and Promotion in Social Media”, delivered by Association of Polish Cities experts (Jarosław Górski, Ph.D. and Kamil Niklewicz), and organised as part of the “Local Development” Programme.

Key workshop themes included social media-related issues, i.e. potential ways of the town using social media to communicate with local residents and managing online hate content.

All participants agreed that their work to support the town and communication with residents and partners is of major significance to the town’s reputation. A municipal brand design, on the other hand, may help make communication more efficient, coherent, and forceful.

The Jarosław municipal brand-focused workshop was preceded by a conference organised in late August to coincide with “Jarosław Fair”, a prominent trade and culture festival, an event of greatest importance to the town – and its brand! – in 2023.

Given the occasion, the schedule simply had to include a debate regarding tourist product development as part of a sustainable tourism model. The discussion was joined by guests from Norway, and representatives of cities and towns participating in the “Local Development” Programme.