Konin – Major “Local Development” Programme Investment
A groundbreaking shovel ceremony was symbolically held in Konin on 7 July, to mark day one of the investment “Constructing a footbridge over Canal Ulgi from Pociejewo Island to right-bank Konin, including a cycle route and auxiliary infrastructure".

This is a key activity undertaken by the Konin Municipality as part of the “Urban Energy Generator as a Source of Konin’s Success” project, co-financed from the “Local Development” Programme by the Norwegian Grants and state budget.

The effort to construct a bridge (usually referred to as a footbridge) over Canal Ulgi from Pociejewo Island to right-bank Konin, including a cycle route and auxiliary infrastructure, will foster environmental protection and social-and-economic development by contributing to the development of Pociejewo Island, the “town’s ecological salon”, and Old Town revitalisation (as a new connection between New and Old Konin). Furthermore, the endeavour will expand Warta Riverside areas on the right bank and Pociejewo Island, the latter with new recreation and sports functionalities assigned, and facilitate the development of an integrated bicycle trail and green corridor system.

The influence of the investment on Konin’s local residents will coincide with goals identified in the “Municipal Development Strategy. The 2020-2030 Plan for a Green City of Energy and New Development Path.” The investment will be implemented over a period from 1 June 2023 until 31 August 2024.

The investment cost totals PLN 25,478,631.83, duly secured by the Konin Municipality from:

  • The Norwegian Funds and State Budget [PLN 9 million],
  • Polish Deal Governmental Fund [PLN 4.7 million],
  • Local Investment Governmental Fund [PLN 2.3 million] and own funds [PLN 9 million].

The new communication corridor facilitates the notion of a green, clean and accessible town, local residents thus encouraged to forsake car transportation in favour of walking or cycling. The solution will help resolve multiple transportation and health issues, the latter in a longer-term perspective.