Tomaszów Mazowiecki – Model City with Positive Energy
Successive plans and intentions associated with continuing the “Tomaszów Mazowiecki – Arena of Positive Energy” project were presented during a summary conference for activities completed to date.

The project is delivered as part of the LOCAL DEVELOPMENT Programme funded by the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism for the years 2014-2021. All activities have followed the motto “Working together for a green and competitive Europe, conducive to social integration”. Project partners include the Tomaszów Mazowiecki Municipality, University of Łódź branch in Tomaszów Mazowiecki, and Widzieć Więcej (See More) Foundation. The project was awarded EEA funding of nearly EUR 3.5 million. Jointly with the Municipality’s declared contribution of PLN 1.5 million, the total project value will reach just under PLN 17 million.

The first batch of activities targeted the senior citizens’ community of Tomaszów Mazowiecki. Recreational, sports and cultural events were organised. Furthermore, the Municipality drafted a “Tomaszów for Senior Citizens” Programme – intended to support and activate the elderly, the strategy will become a benchmark for further activities. Successive endeavours will include medical assistance offered to this age group, including physiotherapy specialist consultations with 600 local residents eligible, and 6,000 physiotherapy sessions.

“Social Communication and Participation Standards” is another paper the Municipality drafted as part of the project, with a view to make local residents more active (the local community’s participation in public life recognised as an essential premise) and enhance their sense of accountability for forms of proposed change, providing them with more options to join the decision-making process with regard to the city, and designing solutions to be shared by the entire Local Government Unit. Today, this paper remains under preparation for roll-out across the Municipality’s sections and organisational units.

Improved accessibility is another assignment delivered by the Municipality – assorted areas of public life are to be adapted to the requirements of persons with special needs. Notably, this endeavour will also address persons other than those with disabilities. Mothers dealing with official matters at the Municipal Authority while taking care of infants in prams or kindergarten-age children have their own special needs – as do persons carrying heavy luggage, or senior citizens. The topic has been addressed in the paper “Accessibility Standards for the Tomaszów Mazowiecki Municipality”.

Accessibility-related matters include comprehensive renovation and adaptation works at the Municipal Authority building, including lift installation in the main building (a non-project activity), adaptation works in the entrance and main hallway area (door automation included), rest areas and induction loops, and ITC infrastructure development.

The Municipal Council of Tomaszów Mazowiecki has decided to install state-of-the-art software designed to improve customer service quality and governance process efficiency. Both purposes are to be served i.a. by the Integrated Educational Management System, a modern tool boosting the effectiveness of managing schools, kindergartens, and nurseries, and improving communication with pupils and their guardians. The platform will provide inhabitants with open access to information and applications essential to daily collaboration with schools and kindergartens, and invaluable in the recruitment process.

The project also includes activities designed to introduce state-of-the-art ecology and business educational curricula to Tomaszów’s primary schools and kindergartens. Workshop classes for teachers have yielded two auteur educational programmes designed as a foundation for classes addressing children and young people.

“Small Company Simulation” software is another innovative solution to be shortly rolled out at primary schools. The system will let young people open their own businesses in their chosen fields, and run them in conformity to market conditions.

Designed as part of the project, the “ECO-Positive Tomaszów” Ecological Education Programme outlines main directions of climate change adaptation, introducing so-called Green Solutions, and inviting local residents to join environmental actions.

The Leisure Time Industry – culture, sports, tourism, and so-called creative industries have been identified as priority development directions for our city. We are now scheduling two tourism-focused activities. A tourist trail connecting the River Pilica Open-Air Museum to the Sulejów Reservoir will be designed with intent to improve pedestrian and cycling traffic. Pursuant to the other activity, a kayak tourist trail on the River Pilica will be cleared for more river traffic along the Sulejów Reservoir – Tomaszów Marina on the Pilica section.

The largest project activity planned by the city comprises restoration of environmental, architectonic, and historical qualities of the “Solidarity” Municipal Park and “Ducal Garden” Palace Park. The Municipality will i.a. build a new bandshell, restore the park pond, modernise the park fountain and sculptures, fit the park with small architecture, and redesign and modernise park pathways.