Leaders on Communicating Effectively with Local Residents
Representatives of cities and towns participating in the “Local Development” Programme met in Złotów on 7 and 8 September. This was a yet another convention of the EMPIRIAE Experience Exchange Network: LEADERSHIP = ACCOUNTABILITY.
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The Network is based on the concept of presidents and mayors of cities and towns meeting to share knowledge, good practices, experiences, and ideas with regard to using opportunities and overcoming challenges of key importance to delivering Local Development Plans and Institutional Development Plans.

As previously announced, at the September meeting leaders focused on communicating effectively with local residents. Particular importance was paid to challenges encountered by leaders when designing community communication methods, i.e. ways and techniques of community participation and social capital building, as well as bringing local residents on board for purposes of municipal development and intersectoral co-operation. Other topics included promoting assorted activities as components of building public trust, and local communication with related issues, dilemmas, and challenges. Last but not least, leaders exchanged good practices regarding civic education in local government structures.

Network members were offered the opportunity of visiting sites of Local Development Plan investments in progress, i.a. the Multi-Care Centre, community premises at the Water Tower (a historical monument), and water sports equipment on the municipal lake.