Jarocin – Town of Tomorrow
In May, the mayor of Jarocin will meet with local residents to discuss the New Development Pathway for the Jarocin Festival during an open discussion panel, with a focus on the Festival’s future and local residents’ engagement.
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The panel forms part of the “New Development Pathway for the Jarocin Festival” task delivered under the “Jarocin – Town of Tomorrow” project funded from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 pursuant to the “Local Development” Programme.

The purpose of the task is to design a coherent concept for Festival development in extensive social consultations. The survey will be mainly open to local residents of Jarocin as direct Festival recipients and beneficiaries. Interviewers will reach all age and social groups to find out more about local residents’ Festival-related expectations.

Focus surveys apart, a number of open meetings will be held for the local community, all attended by organisers of large and small festivals to exchange experience and showcase their formulas for success. Debates concerning the cultural value of such events apart, major importance will be attached to the Festival’s economic aspect, in terms of the need to cover organisational costs – and the potentially measurable financial impact on local economy. The experience of organisers and participants of well-known festivals and events organised in Poland and across Europe will become a benchmark for discussions with the local community. All experience will be duly noted and presented both through study visits organised for assignment contractors at selected festivals and events, and visits held for event organisers and participants in Jarocin. Survey results will be gathered, and recommendations drafted as part of the project. A development strategy will be designed, including short- (two-year) and long-term (five-year) plans of organising the Festival in the years to come.

The “Jarocin – Town of Tomorrow” project organised under the aegis of the “Local Development” Programme has been awarded a grant of over EUR 3.5 million from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism. The purpose of the Programme is to support small and medium-sized cities and towns in designing and implementing a sustainable and systemic approach to local development, and thus curb negative development phenomena and improve local living standards.