Łomża to Collaborate with Nordland County
Advisory and expert assistance, and consultation and training courses for purposes of delivering environmental social and economic projects – such are the outcomes of a partnership agreement entered into by and between Łomża and Nordland County.

The event was the climax of a Norwegian delegation’s study visit to Łomża, planned as part of the “Łomża – the City I Live and Work in” project financed from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism for the years 2014-2021. The purpose of the project is to boost the municipality’s economic and social cohesion by delivering activities to improve the comfort of living for local residents, employ state-of-the-art technologies in urban life, boost Łomża’s resident knowledge-based economic growth, enhance environmental protection, and improve the quality of public administration competencies and municipal services.

The partnership agreement comprises i.a. environment-friendly low emissions-reducing solutions, involving efforts to prepare the city for the implementation of proper infrastructural solutions in recognition of environmental needs, by reducing car exhaust emissions and noise and vibration levels. Aforesaid solutions are to be included in design documentation drafted for purposes of street layout reconstruction, and improvements to municipal climate change adaptation. Related works will involve the drafting of design documentation to revitalise the Jakub Waga Park and People’s Park (Park Ludowy). All will help develop attractive public space for local residents, allow urban green area monitoring, and enhance the effectiveness of managing green areas.

The agreement further provides for the implementation of accessibility standards to improve quality of life for persons with special needs, and activate persons with disabilities in terms of their participation in public life. These purposes will be delivered by organising a Day of Persons with Disabilities. The Day of Senior Citizens, on the other hand, shall translate into a proper senior citizen-targeting policy, based on activating the senior community and enhancing their participation in public life.

An all-embracing vocational policy shall be designed and implemented as well.