Rydułtowy – Guests from Øvre Eiker, Norway
Guests from the North arrived in Rydułtowy as part of the town’s project of bilateral collaboration developed with the Norwegian municipality of Øvre Eiker. Improving natural environment quality was the pivotal theme of the study visit to Silesia.

This was the Norwegian partners’ from the municipality of Øvre Eiker second visit to Rydułtowy as part of a bilateral co-operation project within the framework of the “Local Development” Programme. The Norwegian delegation used the opportunity to learn more about Silesia’s history and culture.

Norwegian partners visited the Silesian Museum in Katowice, as well as the Guido Coal Mine and Coal Mining Museum in Zabrze (municipal teams from Zabrze and Rydułtowy having joined forces) on 7 December. The Øvre Eiker municipality partners also attended a conference “The Environment through Silesia’s Eyes” organised at the Rydułtowy Centre of Culture on 8 December, and were offered an opportunity to share their experience in the area of waste management and revitalisation. Other speakers included representatives of the town of Rydułtowy, city of Zabrze, and the Central Mining Institute, who discussed post-mining area revitalising and post-industrial site reclamation and development. Conference participants attended a joint environment and post-industrial transformation workshop co-organised by the Polish Zero Waste Association and the Fix Your Town (Napraw Sobie Miasto) Foundation.

All aforesaid events were attended by Association of Polish Cities advisors to the town of Rydułtowy and city of Zabrze.

That same day, the Norwegian delegation visited the Social Care Home in Gorzyce, Norwegian partners interested in the workings of the Polish system of assisting the elderly and sick. The meeting was attended by manager of the Healthcare and Social Welfare Section in the Øvre Eiker municipality Kari Hesselberg, manager of the Care Services, Health and Co-ordination Department in Øvre Eiker Kjersti Eide, Association of Polish Cities advisor Danuta Wesołowska, director of the Municipal Social Welfare Centre in Rydułtowy Sylwia Noworyta, and representatives of the Wodzisław County: head of the County Family Assistance Centre in Wodzisław Śląski Irena Obiegły and Gorzyce Social Care Home director Maria Janeta with accompanying staff. Guests were offered a presentation of Gorzyce establishment operations, and discussed differences and similarities in caregiving to the elderly and persons with disabilities.