Rydułtowy Has a New Norwegian Partner
On 2 June , Rydułtowy gained a new Norwegian partner. Mayor of Rydułtowy Marcin Połomski and mayor of the Øvre Eiker Knut Kvale signed a partnership agreement.

The collaboration scheme has been planned for three key areas: senior citizen policies, social participation and environmental protection.

The town’s new partner delegation was given a tour of Rydułtowy, and attended a conference with a senior citizen policy focus at the “Feniks” (Phoenix) Rydułtowy Centre of Culture.

Financed from the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism for the years 2014-2021, the project “In ‘Szarlota’s’ Shadow – Mining for the Potential of the Town of Rydułtowy” shall be delivered as part of the “Local Development” Programme.