Municipal Energy Independence – Local Development Forum Seminar Report
Municipal energy independence was the pivotal theme of a Local Development Forum seminar held by the Association of Polish Cities in collaboration with the company ABRYS. The topic proved to be enormously interesting, the online meeting joined by ove

Given the growing importance of local energy policies, the Association of Polish Cities organised a yet another energy-themed convention this autumn. The opening seminar for a series of urban energy policies, “Energy Transformation of Polish Cities and Towns – New Challenges and Opportunities”, was held at the Polish Development Fund in Warsaw on 27 October 2022 (report and materials available HERE). Energy recovery from waste was discussed at the “Thermal Waste Conversion – Energy Recovery” conference organised by the ABRYS company in Gdańsk on 22-24 November (for a report, click HERE).

This time, the Association invited representatives of cities and towns to join an online meeting organised by ABRYS on 1 December. Our seminar was combined with the “Municipal Energy Independence” conference, the Association of Polish Cities a technical content patron.

“Most recently, we have been focusing on the issue of energy autonomy for local government units,” said Association of Polish Cities advisor Zdzisław Czucha. “While always significant to urban projects, energy has become of key importance today; it is evolving into a rare commodity, expensive and not necessarily readily available.”

Essential topics associated with effective energy management, benefits of and restrictions to the use of municipal hydrogen resources and ways of using municipal resources for energy purposes were discussed. Other themes included energy investments with municipal contribution, the use and modernisation of current energy sources, and RES as a direction towards energy independence of local governments.

The conference primarily addressed local government officials responsible for municipal economy, investments, environmental protection, local government finance, and the broadly defined municipal, energy and district heating industry – as well as institutions interested in investment projects based on PPP or other legal formulae involving the use of municipal assets.

Owing to the extraordinarily rich agenda of interventions and multitude of speakers, participants were offered a plethora of knowledge as well as a complete set of information regarding assorted options and solutions associated with municipal energy independence.