Nisko on a Dynamic Development Path
Nisko has begun implementing a timeless project, spanning a broad scale of activities to boost the municipality’s socio-economic development. The overall project value reaches PLN 16 million.

The project is co-funded by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and state budget.

A press conference was held at the Municipal Town Hall on 11 February, mayor Waldemar Ślusarczyk presenting project assumptions, framework and goals to guests of the event.

Two years of work put in by the municipal project team to draft a Complete Project Proposal for the “Local Development” Programme proved to be hugely successful, as proven by the fact that Nisko was awarded an outstanding ninth place in the national ranking. This is an extraordinary accomplishment in view of the fact that very few small municipalities have managed to secure funding. Large cities prevail in the group of victorious beneficiaries.

On 15 December 2021, the Mayor of the Municipality and Town of Nisko took part in the ceremony of signing an agreement with the Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy represented by vice-minister Małgorzata Jarosińska-Jedynak. The project is titled “Needs.Co (Nisko) Rising – Improvements to the Town’s Economic and Business Potential, and Competitive Advantages of Local Living”, and will be financed in full by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area and state budget under the “Local Development” Programme. The day was a watershed: as of the moment of signing the agreement, actual delivery of all project tasks began, the endeavours themselves grouped into four focal areas: “Nisko of Entrepreneurs”, “Nisko – a Smart Town”, “Nisko – Here is Where I Live and Relax”, and “Green Nisko”.

“The project’s main assumption is to deliver activities to support Nisko’s development in a number of key sectors. We are focusing on local entrepreneurship evolvement, developing the local education system to foster state-of-the-art technologies and competencies, and improvements to quality of life and the local natural environment. Comprehensive and complementary in nature, the project bases on the delivery of endeavours chiefly addressing the municipality’s strategic development; we believe the latter to be an opportunity for future economic and social progress,” was Waldemar Ślusarczyk’s press conference statement.