Rydułtowy – Study Visit: across the Baltic Sea
Over the period of 28-30.09, the delegation from the town of Rydułtowy participated in a study visit to the Øvre Eiker partner municipality, as part of the “In Szarlota’s Shadow…” project delivered under the “Local Development” Programme umbrella.
Study visits

The study visit focused on senior citizen-centred policies designed by the town of Rydułtowy and Norwegian Øvre Eiker municipality – specificity of activities in fields of caring for and assisting senior citizens – similarities and differences between work engaged in by the two partner local government units.

Representatives of the two partnered local government units presented their systems of caring for senior citizens and assisting the older generation, sharing good practices.

Guests from Poland visited a social welfare home and sheltered housing compound. They were also offered an opportunity to present their own town: mayor Marcin Połomski described Rydułtowy, Municipal Social Welfare Centre Director Sylwia Noworyta speaking of the Centre’s work and operations.

In the course of a meeting attended by senior citizens, hosts presented Øvre Eiker municipality’s measures of activating the senior community, and work conducive to senior citizens taking care of and preserving their mental and physical fitness.

A framework agenda for the Øvre Eiker municipality’s visit to Rydułtowy has been scheduled for December 2022. Norwegian guests will learn more about the local mine and miners’ current situation. A debate regarding upcoming economic changes has been planned as well.

The visit to Øvre Eiker was another step towards Polish-Norwegian bilateral collaboration engaged in as part of the “In Szarlota’s Shadow…” project. “Yet again, we managed to identify multiple similarities and differences allowing us to learn from each other”, said study visit participants from Rydułtowy.