Starachowice – Green Town – Green Education
Starachowice wishes to invite everyone concerned to the conference “ECO-Starachowice. Green Town – Green Education”.

The event has been planned as an open debate with a focus on ECO-Starachowice, ecology- and economy-related urban development, and ecological education.

The event will be organised as part of the “Direction Future – the Starachowice Local Development Plan” co-financed from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism for the years 2014-2021 and the State Budget.

According to project schedule, a delegation from the Partner Municipality of Bergen, Norway, will arrive to participate in the conference. Conference attendance apart, visitors will be given a tour of the outcomes of projects already delivered pursuant to efforts of developing the town of Starachowice into a modern and ecological municipality.

The event has been planned as an open debate with a focus on ECO-Starachowice. Panel attendance will also be an excellent opportunity for project partner, organisation and local resident networking; good practices exchange; and expressing individual opinions regarding environmental issues.

About the “Direction Future – the Starachowice Local Development Plan” project

The main goal of the project is to improve the local community’s living standards by delivering comprehensive social, educational, environmental, economic and institutional programmes and projects.

Ecology and environmental protection have been an essential factor to the town for a number of years. The environmental protection part of the project chiefly involves an ECO School to be developed on the site and premises of Primary School No. 11. Planned changes include works to renovate the building and develop school grounds, as well as the design of innovative ecological training curricula for teaching staff.

The project further involves the design and development of a “Young Traveller” room, library, media library, a bespoke classroom (“The Earth”), and a green relaxation zone. Promoting environmentally friendly and ecological values and activities targeting children and young people, the ECO School is to become Starachowice’s green calling card.