Tomaszów Mazowiecki – “Arena of Positive Energy”
The city signed an agreement regarding delivery of the project “TOMASZÓW MAZOWIECKI - ARENA OF POSITIVE ENERGY: boosting social and economic cohesion, and improving the quality of Tomaszów Mazowiecki’s natural environment.”

The project’s flagship investment undertaking involves works to restore environmental, architectural and historical qualities of the “Solidarity” Municipal Park and Palace Park.

Furthermore, the project includes i.a. activities to improve management standards at the Municipal Authority and subordinate entities, and develop conditions conducive to joint management and knowledge sharing.

Project activities include the drafting and delivery of a comprehensive “ECO-positive Tomaszów” ecological education programme, including public space adaptation to climate threats associated with heat waves and urban heat islands. Social Dialogue Centre activity will involve the process of developing i.a. integrated plans to support social capital development, and a senior citizen assistance programme.

Once completed, the project will yield benefits Tomaszów Mazowiecki will be able to convert into actual improvements to local quality of life and urban development over a scheduled time perspective. Primary objectives apart, the city expects additional, equally important goals to be delivered, all of which significant to future development plans on the local community level.

The project is realised in partnership with the Tomaszów Mazowiecki municipality, University of Łódź Branch in Tomaszów Mazowiecki, and the SEE MORE Foundation. The Association of Polish Cities will provide advisory assistance.

Project value has been estimated at PLN 16,786,305.46, grant funding totalling PLN 15,337,377.70. Project funding falls under the “Local Development” Programme supported by the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2014-2021.