Vlogging about Citizens’ Cities
Do join us for the premiere episode of a new vlogging series by Association of Polish Cities advisors, with a focus on EMPIRIAE – Experience Exchange Networks, a unique Association of Polish Cities project basing on the popular networking concept.

The opening episode of the new vlogging series will focus on activities organised by the Citizens’ Cities Group in the context of local residents participating in urban life, and engaged in by the Group’s representatives during network conventions.

EMPIRIAE are the very essence of the Association’s existence. When designing them, we based on multiple years of the Association of Polish Cities’ experience. These networks are a platform for knowledge and experience exchange, bringing together representatives of cities and towns who learn from one another, and design new solutions for particular issues of key significance to the development of small and medium-sized cities and towns.

EMPIRIAE are an excellent opportunity to consult activities with a vast specialist and expert community. They afford a view of any issue from a new vantage point, alongside an option to receive immediate feedback and assessment of efforts made. Experiences of other cities and towns can be thus put to creative use.

The array of network themes involves matters of key significance to urban development in Poland, in conjunction with activities submitted as part of the “Local Development” Programme delivery.

The Association of Polish Cities has created eight networks (seven thematic, and one targeting leaders).