Włocławek – a City of New Possibilities
The agreement to deliver the project “WŁOCŁAWEK – A CITY OF NEW POSSIBILITIES. This is where I live, work, invest and rest” crowned eighteen months of work put in the local Włocławek community.

On 21 December 2021, an agreement was entered into by and between the Minister of Development Funds and Regional Policy and the City and Municipality of Włocławek with regard to the delivery of the project “WŁOCŁAWEK – A CITY OF NEW POSSIBILITIES. This is where I live, work, invest and rest”.

The moment crowned eighteen months of work put in by the Włocławek community – Włocławek City Hall staff and representatives of multiple institutions and local residents, all assisted by Association of Polish Cities experts.

Delivered as part of the “Local Development” Programme, the project is supported by funding from the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2014–2021. EEA funds represent Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway’s contribution to the process of developing a green and competitive Europe supportive of social integration.

Włocławek will receive over PLN 15 million to deliver its development plans. The first funding instalment of over PLN 3 million was lodged on the City’s account on 30 December 2021 already. Funding sources include the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 (85%) and the state budget (15%).

“In early 2022, we will begin delivering all activities as scheduled. Tasks planned as part of the Project are designed to improve living standards and a sense of local identity for Włocławek residents, improve their commitment to public life and the urban policy design process, and contribute to improvements in the overall attractiveness of the city and quality of services provided by the local administration,” says Marek Wojtkowski, Mayor of Włocławek.

The Kujawy and Pomerania Region of the Polish Scouting and Guiding Organisation, Włocławek District, is Włocławek’s local Project Partner. The organisation is very experienced in delivering activities boosting the public. The “Włocławek, a City of Collaboration and Social Bond Building” Activity will be delivered with the use of infrastructural and human resources, as well as the Partner’s educational and upbringing skills used to mould attitude and character.

At project delivery and assumption design stages, Włocławek can count on advisory assistance from the Association of Polish Cities, pursuant to the so-called predefined project.

While the project had been originally budgeted at EUR 10 million, the grant amount was ultimately reduced following an expansion of the list of supported cities and towns.

Project delivery will continue until 30 April 2024.