Włocławek – the Young on Culture and Entertainment in Włocławek
Secondary school and university students have spoken out as part of a survey with a focus on the cultural and entertainment offer in Włocławek.
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The survey tied in with Włocławek having launched the project “WŁOCŁAWEK – A CITY OF NEW POSSIBILITIES. This is where I live, work, invest and rest” funded as part of the “Local Development Programme” from the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism and Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021.

The survey was completed anonymously over the period of 28 March until 8 April 2022 by secondary school and university students based in Włocławek. 700 questionnaires were handed out, 677 completed and returned.

“Meeting with friends and acquaintances” was the most frequently selected leisure time spending-related response (over 82%). Over the past year, nearly 85% of respondents saw a film at a cinema; just under 45% attended a concert, picnic or open-air festivity. Another question concerned music genres preferred by young listeners. Pop and rap music prevailed: over 67% and nearly 61%, respectively. Survey participants were also offered an option to mention a particularly memorable cultural or entertainment event. Most frequent responses included concerts, theatrical performances and exhibitions.

Questionnaire data will be helpful in designing a culture-and-entertainment offer to match the needs of Włocławek’s young community.