Zabrze – Project “Zabrze – the City as Space for Development” Launched
On 6 April, a conference was held in the Historical Room of the Zabrze Town Hall to commence “Zabrze – the City as Space for Development”, a project funded from the “Local Development” Programme.

Co-funded by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 and state budget, the project will be delivered in partnership with the Silesian University of Technology and in collaboration with the Association of Polish Cities Advisory Team.

Essential project information was presented in the course of the meeting attended by Mayor of Zabrze Małgorzata Mańka-Szulik, and i.a. Deputy Mayor Katarzyna Dzióba, Secretary of the City of Zabrze Małgorzata Giela, heads of individual Zabrze Municipal Authority departments, CEO of the “POCH” Mining, Construction, Manufacturing and Trading Co. Ltd. in Zabrze Gabriela Pudlo-Chojnacka, CEO of the “DEMEX” Mining Co. Ltd. in Zabrze Zbigniew Barecki, member of the “Górnik Zabrze” Football Club Management Board Tomasz Masoń, and President of the “Górnik Zabrze”
Women’s Football Club Agnieszka Pluskota. The city has allocated Norwegian funds to the purpose of developing i.a. two graduation towers, a water park and a skatepark.

“We joined forces with entrepreneurs, students, senior citizens and young people of Zabrze to kick off the project ‘Zabrze – the City as Space for Development’. The amount of over PLN 15 million we have secured in Norwegian funding will allow us to deliver a number of local projects and investments drafted and designed in a consultation process, including i.a. a water park, a skatepark and two brine graduation towers,” said Mayor of Zabrze Małgorzata Mańka-Szulik. “Apart from infrastructure-related undertakings, we have planned a number of interesting meetings and events targeting i.a. young people, students and senior citizens. Norwegian funding will also be used to further start-up system development. Notably, we owe our success in securing Norwegian Financial Mechanism funds to the hard work of our public officials whom I wish to thank for their involvement and efficiency,” she added.

The Steelworkers Park will be revitalised, revamped and expanded to include small architecture objects. This is where the water park and skatepark are to be developed. Once the investment effort has been completed, the Steelworkers Park will become a marvellous family rest and recreation area.

The “Zabrze – the City as Space for Development” schedule includes construction plans for graduation towers in the districts of Kończyce and Maciejów. The Registry Office will benefit from the project as well – the building will be adapted to meet the needs of persons with disabilities, all architectural barriers are going to be removed.