Zabrze – the Next Norway Grants Meeting
The “City as Space for Development” Project Co-ordinating Team met in the Historical Room of the Zabrze Town Hall on 14 March 2022. The project has been awarded Norwegian Financial Mechanism funding.

Regular works and consultations have been held as part of the “City as Space for Development” Project financed as part of the “Local Development” programme co-funded by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021.

Key information regarding local project delivery was presented in the course of the meeting. Norway Grants will make it possible to develop a number of local investments, including two graduation towers, an aquapark in the Blast Furnace Park, and a skatepark.

Notable project goals include the following, among others: improving urban life quality by enhancing the town’s economic potential; improving the city’s social potential; improving environmental and urban space quality; improving operational cohesion and community trust in public institutions; developing standards for state-of-the-art public service delivery; and augmenting the institutional capacity of municipal administration.

Material outcomes notwithstanding, the project will span perceptible intangible effects once completed, such as intensified urban development through urban speciality evolvement; enhanced local residents integration; improved ecological awareness in the local community; and making urban space more attractive while increasing the number of initiatives to boost active rest & recreation in “new” municipal areas. Related basic project activities have been designed to introduce economic, social and environmental change to the city.

Project delivery has been scheduled until 30 April 2024.

Total maximum eligible project costs have been estimated at PLN 15,328,498.86.

Norway Grants funding: EUR 3,371,346.00.