Zgierz – “A Modern City After Hours”
On 9 December 2021, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy Waldemar Buda and Mayor of the City of Zgierz Przemysław Konrad Staniszewski signed the project delivery agreement.

The project “Zgierz – A Modern City After Hours” was awarded “Local Development” Programme funding of over PLN 15 million from the EEA and Norway Grants.

The purpose of the project is to make Zgierz ecological, clean, and rest and recreation-friendly by the year 2030, turning it into a city designed by local residents enjoying local top-quality life, living, work and free time. The local community will be offered the capacity to be proud of the city’s cultural and industrial heritage, and an opportunity to identify with such values as equality and diversity.

In terms of environmental protection, Zgierz is planning to install green vessel-free street water fountains, develop a “Gardens in Bloom in the City of Weavers” zone, construct a rainwater retention system in residential estate quarters, build cycling paths, and appraise the current condition of non-recultivated waste landfills, their environmental impact, and recultivation technology and cost.

In terms of economy, Zgierz is planning to develop an “Old Crafts Zone” in the City of Weavers Cultural Park.

In terms of public life, Zgierz is planning to develop a Young Community Chillout Zone, renovate the old Bathhouse and repurpose it into a Local Activity (Community) Centre, implement a senior citizen-addressing policy and adapt a municipal building to accommodate a Zgierz Senior Citizen Centre, draft a Public Development Strategy for the City of Zgierz 2040 and take action to implement it, and draft a Youth Policy for the Urban Municipality of Zgierz.

The City is also planning a number of activities to develop Smart City solutions. Early efforts will include a local audit, design of a Smart City development programme, and introduction of a Zgierz Local Resident Pass system.

Institutional development assistance will include the following: building institutional capacity and developing local public administration competencies (i.a. establishing an Accessibility Leadership Team for institutions of the Urban Municipality of Zgierz); improving and enhancing operational standards for the local government (i.a. establishing a Shared Services Centre); and building civic trust in local government-level public institutions (i.a. establishing an Office for Public Participation and Non-Governmental Organisations).

The project will continue to receive assistance from the Association of Polish Cities Advisory Team, pursuant to the so-called predefined project.

The project will continue until 30 April 2014. For project purposes, the City of Zgierz will partner with the D.O.M. Foundation for the Protection of Historical Furniture and Cultural Heritage; School for Leaders Foundation; Zgierz Chapter of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Łódź; Łódź University of Technology; County of Zgierz; and University of Łódź.