Złotów – the Springs of Wielkopolska Are Right Around the Corner!
“Złotów – the Springs of Wielkopolska” is a vision shared by local residents and authorities, one that will soon come true thanks to Norway Grants.

“Złotów has been offered a historical opportunity of securing nearly PLN 16 million from Norway Grants to implement a vision we all share: ‘Złotów – the Springs of Wielkopolska’”, mayor of Złotów Adam Pulit wrote in a letter addressing local residents, inviting them to attend a broadcast of the Municipal Council session on 29 September.
Local councillors will be debating the matter of accepting Norway Grant funds, and delivering follow-up tasks as part of the project.

“The debate is of paramount significance to our town and all residents – I am aware of the contradictory and often fake news spread in public space with regard to the project. I intend to explain everything to our Councillors and you as well. I wholeheartedly hope you join the debate online and listen to us discuss our town’s future,” mayor Pulit encouraged his fellow locals.

Złotów applied for a grant pursuant to a “Local Development” Programme competition. Two hundred and thirty small- and medium-sized cities from across Poland applied, 54 qualifying for the final round. Złotów was awarded the highest score of all applicants from the Wielkopolska region, and 6th place in Poland.

“Independent experts have confirmed that the course we have set is correct, securing sustainable and comprehensive development in all target areas. We intend to put the grant of nearly PLN 16 million to good use by building a spa and wellness centre in Złotów, advancing the healthcare and treatment services, developing entrepreneurship and creating new jobs. We intend to protect the climate, caring for clean air and high water quality in our lakes; we want to develop a park town with urban pocket parks, care for our senior citizens and persons with disabilities at a MultiCare centre, focus on the future and career opportunities for our children, and enhance rest and recreation infrastructure with cycling paths and a graduation tower,” the mayor declares, “All these activities are within arm’s reach today; all we need to deliver our long-term plan is the Municipal Council’s permit.”