Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy Information Regarding “LOCAL DEVELOPMENT” Programme Competition Results
“Information concerning the selection of Complete Project Proposals – funding recipients under the “LOCAL DEVELOPMENT” Programme”, Ranking List included, was published on the website on 9 July.

“Information concerning the selection of Complete Project Proposals – funding recipients under the “LOCAL DEVELOPMENT” Programme

Pursuant to provisions of clause 11.2 of the Rules of Recruiting and Selecting Projects as part of the “Local Development” Programme, the Project Selection Committee – basing on recommendations by appraisal experts – decided to select 29 Complete Project Proposals as funding recipients (Ranking List attached below). Having joined forces with the Programme Operator and Donors, the Project Selection Committee decided to expand the list of funding recipient projects to include all Complete Project Proposals who had met the condition of being awarded no less than 60% of the substantive assessment score.

The aforesaid decision was chiefly associated with the need to provide assistance to a larger group of cities and towns than originally assumed, municipalities having been affected by social-and-economic difficulties as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. An expanded list of municipal funding recipients will allow greater Programme impact; a larger community of cities and towns will be offered the option of financing the development impulse required to enter the New Development Path.

The Programme Operator has formally approved the Ranking List of 29 funding recipient projects. In conformity to Programme Rules stipulations, all Applicants whose Complete Project Proposals had been appraised for substantive content shall receive written notifications of assessment closure and results. The aforesaid information shall be considered final, applicants not authorised to file appeals.

Furthermore, each of the aforesaid Applicants shall receive (by e-mail, to the address specified in the application form) 3 anonymised substantive assessment charts filled in by experts responsible for evaluating the given project.

We wish to use this opportunity and thank all Applicants for participating in the competition, and their effort invested in drafting Complete Project Proposals. Regardless of the ultimate recruitment outcome, each Applicant city/town took part in many months of preparation, comprehensive development plans drafted as a result. We hope that these documents will become efficient tools, useful to all 53 cities and towns approved for recruitment stage two working to delineate their New Development Paths. We also wish to warmly congratulate 29 Applicant cities/towns selected as victorious funding recipients.

We wish to further inform you that Association of Polish Cities experts you have been collaborating with to date will continue providing substantive assistance to cities and towns at the stage of planned task delivery, especially during preparations for the signing of project delivery agreements.”