On Effective Urban Digitisation
The second meeting of representatives of cities and towns – members of the “Digital Cities and Towns” Experience Exchange Network was organised on 13 and 14 September. This time, the EMPIRIAE made their way to Zabrze.
Tools for cities

The meeting was attended by representatives of Jarosław, Piła, Stalowa Wola, Świdwin, and the host city of Zabrze.

Two subjects recognised as key to effective municipal digitisation were explored during the “Digital Cities and Towns” Experience Exchange Network workshop in Zabrze:

- Raising digital awareness – how to overcome local residents’ reluctance to use digital services, and

- Improving digital competencies of local government staff – ways of overcoming local government units’ reluctance to use digital tools at work.

Workshop attendants worked together to develop a set of solutions potentially helpful in resolving aforementioned municipal service digitisation-related issues.

On invitation of the Zabrze Municipal Authority, workshop attendants visited interesting venues around town. The study visit agenda included i.a. a tour of the city’s flagship product: the Queen Louise Drain Adit (Sztolnia Królowa Luiza)” – combined historical edifices of the Queen Louise Mine and Chief Key Heritage Adit. The related cost in excess of PLN 180 million, investment financing was secured from the European Union and municipal, regional and governmental sources. The Adit features multiple state-of-the-art exhibition and presentation solutions.

Grzegorz Dudzik is the “Digital Cities and Towns” Network co-ordinator; jointly with expert Szymon Ciupa, he is responsible for animating Network activities.

The meeting in Zabrze was organised by the Association of Polish Cities as part of the “Local Development” Programme, funded by the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism for the years 2014-2021. Programme activities include the task of developing an Experience Exchange Network, open to project participants and any other cities or towns interested in joining.