The ENTREPRENEURIAL CITIES AND TOWNS Network on Developing Tourism
The ENTREPRENEURIAL CITIES AND TOWNS Network convention focused on local products, and on working with local businesses to develop tourism in town.
Tools for cities

Hajnówka welcomed representatives of cities and towns collaborating as part of the Network on 28-30 September. The choice of the autumn workshop venue was not left to chance – Hajnówka has been basing its in-house brand development strategy on the local product for years.

The meeting began with a presentation of Hajnówka’s tourism potential. Network members visited the Trinitarian Council Orthodox parish church, a revitalised centre of sports and culture (stadium and family play zone), and a new centre for culture, education and art: “Hajnówka Central – Station of Culture”.

Day two primarily involved experience exchange and discussions regarding the process of developing an offer of supporting local business through cultural and historical heritage. The Hajnówka Brand Strategy was presented alongside forms of assistance provided to the local product by the local government. Representatives of the town of Jarosław revealed some of the secrets behind the local business-engaging Jarosław Fair’s popularity. Nisko presented their “Podwolina Artificial Lake” revitalisation project as a case study for developing local tourist and economic potential.

The day closed with a study visit to local businesses. Network members visited i.a. the District Dairy Co-operative (Traditional Specialities Guaranteed list producer), a local brewery and a cheese diary. The final workshop day was spent discussing aforementioned good practices, and further guidelines for Network operation.

The ENTREPRENEURIAL CITIES AND TOWNS Network is co-ordinated by Kamil Niklewicz and Marek Gabzdyl, responsible for animating Network activities jointly with Jarosław Górski and Adam Mikołajczyk.