Well-Communicated Finances – new vlog by advisors to cities and towns
Do join us for the second episode of a new vlogging series by Association of Polish Cities advisors, with a focus on the EMPIRIAE – Experience Exchange Networks project. This time, the conversation will focus on urban finance, a topic debated in a wa

The most recent vlog was designed by Association of Polish Cities advisors active in the URBAN RESOURCES – FINANCE Experience Exchange Network. Representatives of cities and towns participating in its daily operations share information via an online communicator. Any questions or doubts raised this way are swiftly addressed by municipal treasurers and specialists representing financial and investment departments, and/or persons responsible for external fundraising.

“The many challenges we faced in the early days of the Network included that of combining purely financial with non-financial lingo, so we could better understand one another,” Daniel Budzeń, Association of Polish Cities advisor, remarked.

Yet Network operations also include face-to-face meetings and information exchanges based on frequently difficult and intricate resources of municipal financial experts. “During one such meeting we found that we need communication models allowing local officials to be more effective when communicating with the mayor or president, when talking with one another and local councillors, and – first and foremost – to local residents,” says Agnieszka Dawydzik, advisor to cities and towns.

It is noteworthy that EMPIRIAE are a unique project introduced by the Association of Polish Cities, based on the popular networking concept. The Network theme focuses on aspects key to the development of Polish cities, tying in with activities submitted as part of the “Local Development” project rollout.