Well-thought System of Information (PSI) in Przemyśl
As part of the “Changing Przemyśl Together” project, the city will implement the System of Information” (PSI), allowing high digital accessibility of municipal websites and Public Information Bulletins.

Once delivered, the project will respond to motions raised multiple times by public unit directors with regard to assuring information access standardisation, with a particular focus on persons with special needs. While numerous issues in the field have been regulated in the Digital Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications Law of 4 April 2019, many units suffer of a shortage of competences in the area. The correct reaction ought to involve the implementation of an activity that will allow expanded knowledge of the status quo, and the delivery of a number of tasks facilitating high digital accessibility of municipal websites and Public Information Bulletins at all municipal public institutions. The project shall extend to kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, and other municipal entities.

The project will become an opportunity for digital accessibility standards to be developed, including guidelines regarding website and website content design in conformity to legal and formal requirements. Individual website layouts will be developed for all local units, alongside a single shared Public Information Bulletin layout.

Once the implementation stage is complete, an information campaign addressing all local residents will be rolled out, accompanied by efforts to promote accessibility standards, encouraging other institutions (organisations, associations, companies) to build digitally accessible websites in conformity to specific standards. In addition, the PSI will become a data source for the Municipal Open Data Portal, the pivot of a separate activity. Notably, all individual websites and the Public Information Bulletin website designed as part of the effort shall be fully integrated with the Municipal Information Service.